装睡让滑进去Using proven high reliability industry models, Medical Management Resources, LLC will help facilitate our clients in creating an environment where total patient safety is the standard; Positive Patient Satisfaction the norm and superior quality healthcare is delivered.


装睡让滑进去Too many forces keep Healthcare stuck in its "First Do No Harm" culture. Medical Management Resources (MMR) is committed to move your practice, hospital, or clinic beyond just trying not to harm the patient but to create a culture where safety is a given and service and a positive patient experience is the medical standard. We can't guarantee good outcomes but we can promise a safer workplace, a better team through better communication and leadership, fewer errors, and safer patients.


The handpicked staff of MMR's highly skilled professionals in their fields brings to the client, large or small, 装睡让滑进去 expertise in the field of healthcare, resource management from commercial aviation and customer service from the hospitality industry. We are a small company dedicated to the principles we teach. Our size gives us the flexibility to adapt to your needs and requirements. We get to know you, understand your personality, work with you to obtain your desired outcomes and you get the personal attention of the entire staff


MMR has experience in both the hospital and clinical environment. We have developed two programs, Clinical and Hospital to meet your needs incorporating the relevant strengths of both programs.

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