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Consulting Services for Drug Discovery andDevelopment Programs

Innovative Strategies from Lead Discovery toClinical Development Specializing in SmallMolecule Therapeutics

h版动漫在线播放的网站DEL BioPharmaprovides innovative strategies tobiopharmaceutical organizations of all sizes fromestablished and fully integrated companies tostart-ups looking for proof of concept. 

h版动漫在线播放的网站Founder Daniel E.Levy received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry fromMIT and his B.S. degree from the University ofCalifornia - Berkeley.  Since 1992, Dr. Levyworked with companies in all capacities fromconsultant to director.  His broad experiencein drug discovery and development provides him aunique perspective enabling him to address issuesat the interface of chemistry and biology longbefore they impede progress.

Dr. Levy has strategies for addressing the mostchallenging problems independent of therapeuticarea or biological target.  With a strongfocus on PK/ADME, pre-formulation, toxicity andscale-up issues, new paradigms for discoveryresearch are applied.  Through early parallelscreening and incorporation of CRO activities, thepathway to success is accelerated.  With aclose eye on synthetic methods, cost ofmanufacturing is reduced.

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