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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Janitorial Contractors Help Com- Sitemap Detailed at our Blog page

JANITORIAL CONTRACTORS Help (JCHC)- Sitemap Detail Listing Information Page

    • About The Program USB-MS from JCHC- More detail information on our cleaning software program on USB-MS

    • Bid Calculator Review- Few review of comments that folks made about our JCHC program calculators and tools

    • Chemical Dilution Chart- Free tool by JCHC- Cleaning solution dilution chart- How much chemical dilution into water chart

    • Feed from Hub Pages- We have many cleaning tips and instructions published at HUB Pages. Check it out.

      • Bottle Fill Chart -2- How much to fill with water and how much to dilute with cleaning solution?  Here is a chart for you.  Free download.

      • Budget 4 Locations- Free download- Budget calculator for small cleaning service with many different locations.

    • Office/Home Cleaning- Free Download- Simple basic home and office cleaning service bidding calculator

    • For Tax Record Keeping- Free download.  Collect all your tax information for year end tax filing. Excel based

      • Conversion Kit -Tool- Free download.  Same as Mini Pack Calculator. Built in calculator, conversion kit, square ft calculator and more

      • HUBs by EK Internet- We have published many commercial cleaning tips and instructions at HUB Pages

      • Invoice Forms- Free download template for generating invoice for small business

      • Laminated Floor Care- How to take care laminated floors- Daily dust mopping, wet mopping, floor finish and etc

      • Learning Center- Educate yourself on cleaning service  tips and instructions

      • OSHA-Basics- What is OSHA standard. Train yourself on safety procedures and etc.  Where to buy OSHA videos, banners and etc 

      • Paper Usage Calculator- Not free.  Calculator to find out a usage of papers, liners, chemicals, for your cleaning location proposal

      • Parts- Equipment- Looking for cleaning service equipment parts?
      • We will help you find parts that you need

      • Privacy- Privacy statement from JCHC

      • Subcontractor Form- Are you thinking of subcontracting out your cleaning service? Here is a form you can use. Free download

      • Tax Help Calculator-  Collect all your income and expense for your
      • small business for end of the year tax filing.

      • Used Equipment- Looking for use cleaning service equipment?
      • Should you buy used or new. We will help you find a good used equipment


               Health Care Cleaning Service- Information on HEALTH care and medical  facility                       CLEANING SERVICE.  Do I need a certification and training.